Cultural differences during a job search
By Carlos Baldizon Martini 
July 21, 2014

After presenting a session of the webinar “Surviving the Job Interview Lifecycle,” I received a question from a job seeker about how to handle interview etiquette when it conflicts with one’s religious practice. As a Muslim job seeker, she was struggling with how to maintain her religious beliefs while still projecting herself as a strong, engaging candidate with employers.


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Your Personal Brand
By Melissa Washington
July 22, 2014
In my upcoming book, Get Back to Work: Smart and Savvy Real-World Strategies to Make your Next Career Move, the third chapter – Your Brand – is all about the critical and often overlooked step of building and maintaining your personal brand.

You probably have read about this idea of “creating a personal brand.” What is it exactly? And where do you begin? Once you’ve identified what it is, then what do you do with it?  The Your Brand chapter in my upcoming book will help you to answer those important questions.